Timber Hollow Whitetails Premier Production Select Sale

Timber Hollow Whitetails is proud to announce its first annual Premier Production Select Sale. In a joint partnership with Whitetail Dreams, Timber Hollow Whitetails and Whitetail Dreams will be offering some of their best does for sale.

This sale will be hosted by WWW.WHITETAILEXCHANGE.COM and will start on or near January 5th, 2009, The sale will run on-line for 3 weeks and end on the 4 evenings of Monday January 25 th , Tuesday January 26 th, and Monday Feb 1st and Tuesday Feb 2nd. The auctions will all end between 6:00 and 11:00 pm Eastern Time.

All auctions will have a starting bid and a buy out price. At any time prior to or during an auction, a buyer can call and purchase the animal using the buy out price.

During the on-line auction a buyer can also purchase an animal for the buy out price using the buy out option on Whiteail Exchange.

All bidding will take place during the 3 week auction period and bids can be placed by using the auction software or by calling Todd Morgan at Whitetail Exchange (269-207-0624).

Once an item receives any bid, it will become a non-reserve item and will sell to the highest bidder unless the buy out option is used.


50% is due to Whitetail Exchange within 5 days of the completed auctions or buy out purchases. We will accept checks, money orders, wire transfers and credit cards.

The balance is due upon delivery. The balance will be paid to Timber Hollow Whitetails or Whitetail Dreams. All animals are guaranteed healthy until delivery and all money will be refunded if for any reason they are not 100% healthy.

All A.I. bred does are guaranteed by a straw from the A.I. buck. If a doe was purchased as A.I. bred and does not have A.I. fawns, then a straw from the A.I. buck will be transferred to the buyer. The only exception is Maxbo 727. In the case of a doe being A.I. bred to Maxbo 727 and does not take, the buyer gets choice straw from any Timber Hollow buck. All does were A.I. bred by Bill Pittenger using FULL straws of semen. The only exception was does A.I.'d to Maxbo 727 by Glen Erickson and Dr. Stewart using the laproscopic method.

Delivery is the responsibility of the buyer. We will provide delivery when we can and will try to deliver as many as possible for a very reasonable cost. We want all our buyers to be extremely happy with their purchases and will work very hard to get the deer where they are going.


Bill Pittenger (573)-216-0671 BPwhitetails@hotmail.com
Brian James (573)-220-7492 brian@timberhollowwhitetails.net
Dan Kuhns (440)-548-2430  
Sam James (573)-590-1459 sam@whitetaildreams.net
Todd Morgan (269)-207-0624 todd@whitetailexchange.com

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Here is a the final list of does for sale
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Doe list sorted by Location Doe Fawns (2009 Bottlefed)-2
Doe list with comments (very small) Does Bred to 44-Mag - 7
Doe list sorted by sire bred to: Does Bred to Doc Vortex - 11
  Does Bred to Dream Tonto - 4
  Does Bred to Extreme Sneakers - 18
  Does Bred to Highway 10 - 1
  Does Bred to Hydro Power Axe - 1
  Does Bred to Maxbo 727 - 16
  Does Bred to Maxbo Impact - 21
  Does Bred to Powerjack - 27
  Does Bred to RolexBy10 - 11
  Does Bred to Timberjack - 4