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Ranch Manager – Brian James – (573) 220-7492 - brian@timberhollowwhitetails.net

Timber Hollow Whitetail Ranch
860 Cty Rd 408
Harrisburg, MO 65256

Timber Hollow Whitetail Ranch is a new ranch built with over 40 years of big whitetail deer experience. The ranch is 700 timbered acres located in beautiful Howard County Missouri. One of it’s main breeding facilities is located near Middlefield, OH and headed up by Master Breeder Dan Kuhns. Formerly known as Woodside Whitetails, Dan’s knowledge of breeding big whitetails is well known through out the whitetail industry. Dan has had as many as 6 bucks on his farm at one time that scored over 300 inches. At this facility, we currently have about 25 “Superdoes” including 5 that have produced 300 inch sons. Dan also takes care of some of the best bred bucks in the world at this farm.

Managing the Missouri breeding operations, and one of the most well known whitetail health people in the industry is Bill Pittenger. Bill is a graduate from Ohio State University with an animal science degree and specializes in reproduction and whitetail health. He has been raising whitetail deer for over 13 years and is responsible for developing the Missouri EHD vaccine. He has also served as the president of the Missouri Whitetail Breeders and Hunting Ranch Association for the last 3 years.

On the Southern side is our Texas partner Bobby Girling and Eight Point Ranch. Eight Point Ranch is located in Elgin, Texas (not far from Austin) and was founded on the principle of quality breeding. With some of the best handling facilities in all of Texas, this ranch is ready to step up to the next generation of whitetail management.

Timber Hollow Whitetails was started with a few simple goals in mind: To be on the cutting edge of whitetail management and to grow some of the biggest framed, highest scoring whitetails in the world. We believe that to grow these deer we need to start with the best foundation possible and breed it to the types of whitetails that simply take your breath away! We sell semen, bred does, doe fawns, and occasionally breeder bucks.

If you pass by Middlefield, Ohio or central Missouri, call us any time and feel free to set up a tour. We love to talk about big deer and the deer business. Thanks for looking, good luck to all of you and good hunting.


Map of our Harrisburg Ranch
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