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Timber Hollow Whitetails has one of the best doe herds in the country. We have does out of Highroller (418), Goliath (408), Drifter (403), PA Geronimo (252), Maxbo (400+), Doubledown (382), Timberjack (370), Waylon (307), Rocky Roller (357), Sundrift (325), Bucky(330), Willy(249), Jeckyl (400+), and many others. Many of these are proven does that are mothers or womb sisters to high scoring bucks. In fact we have 6 does that have produced at least 1 son thats scores over 300 inches. Through careful DNA analysis, we track our does to determine which ones are producing the best deer.

In 2008 we bottle fed most of our high end doe fawns. We plan on doing it for the next several years to provide great does that are healthy and very easy to handle. Bill Pittenger is one of the best at bottle feeding and producing a very nice breeding doe. Every year, we will be offering a few of these bottle raised does for sale.


Bred Does and Fawns
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