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Highway 10
This deer was designed to be a world class typical by Master Breeder Dan Kuhns. First, Dan Started with his anchor doe, Blue 33. She is a PA Geronimo doe and a Goliath womb sister. She is also the mother to bucks like Timberjack, Curious George and many others over 250. He bred her to Redoy Magnum, a very large, long tined typical buck. This produced a doe, w10. He then A.I.ed her to HighRoller and got a buck and doe fawn. Highway 10 was 142 at 1, 252 at 2, and is estimated between 280 and 300 at 3. One of the largest typical deer ever produced. This would make a great out-cross with Maxbo.

This deer is a step up to the next level. No other deer is bred this deep. Dan took Highway 10’s womb sister and A.I. bred her to Rolex. Take a look at the pedigree. There are 400 inch deer in his pedigree 4 times! His first rack is a very typical 5X7 with about 6-7 extra stickers. He is the REAL DEAL! He scored 159 3/8 when he was cut this fall.

Extreme Sneakers is a deer bred to cross frame with mass and extra points. The anchor doe in this pedigree is Blue 32, a PA Geronimo doe and Sneakers mother. Sneakers was a huge framed deer. Dan Bred this deer to Willy, a 249 inch supersire and produced Blue 37. That doe was A.I.ed to Maxbo Extreme to produce ExtremeSneakers. This year at 1, ExtremeSneakers is a nice framed 5X5.

AGN 12Pack
We purchased this deer from Mike Nedry of AGN Whitetails at the top 30 sale in 2008. We liked his mass, his tall tines, his 6X6 frame, and of course his strong pedigree. At age 3 he scored 270. This year at age 4, he is estimated between 290 and 310. 12 Pack is a womb brother to BamBam. Thank You Mike!

RDM 44Mag
After searching all over North America, we decide to purchase 44-Mag from Rod and Diane Miller of Wildbunch Whitetails. We were looking for the right pedigree on a deer that had mass, spread, and lots of up tines. He will be used to backup our A.I. program. At 5, RDM 44-Mag scored 280+ B&C with a 7 x 7 mainframe, 23 inch inside spread, 29+ inch beams, 10 and 12 inch G2s, G3s, and G4s, almost 51 inches of mass, and drops on the ends of each beam. He continued to keep a pretty typical mainframe with just a few stickers. He keeps growing bigger each year. He should add frame to your does. At 4, he scored 254 on a mostly typical frame with 30 points, 23 inside spread, tine length, and mass. At 3, he was a 6 x 6 mainframe with 2 stickers and officially scored 230 B&C. This year, he is bigger than ever, and should be 290 to 300.

To create TimBucky, Dan decided to take our Flees Bucky doe and breed her to Timberjack. Timberjack is Highroller on top and Goliath’s womb sister on bottom. Basically 400X400. She produced 2 buck fawns. They were both nice yearlings scoring in the 130-140 range. This year at 2, TimBucky is tall, massive , and is showing some good potential. He is estimated to be 180-200. He has Highroller and Goliath on top and Bucky on bottom. This deer is bred to be big!

Lumberjack is Timberjack's womb brother and is also stacked like no other buck! He has Highroller on top and Goliath’s womb sister (Blue 33) on bottom. He was 249 at 3 and was headed toward 300 at 4 when he crashed into the fence and broke up his antlers. However, we are expecting great things from him in the future.

JRV Chance
Chance was purchased from Rusty Carroll and J.F. Foster of JRV Whitetails. We simply loved the pedigree. Rusty took Maxbo XL’s mother, a Flees Buddy doe and A.I.ed her to Flees Bucky Jr. This deer is Flees top and bottom and could grow really big. He was 225 at 2 and is 250 at 3 with a 20 inch inside spread. He will make a great breeder.

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